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Example Report
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Eyeglass wipers

Welcome to our example report.

This report was created by our team as an example report for new visitors and new users of reporteditor.
New visitors can learn from this report how to read reports and how to get the best out of them.
New editors can learn from this report about the range of capabilities that the tool has to offer.

Below you will find that the report comprises an invention disclosure and it cites 6 documents as prior art against said invention. Five of the cited documents are patents and one is a web page in which a product is published.

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The second section is called the header RTF area in which our report editors (our subscribers) can edit any content they would like to add to the report. This content might include information about the invention, the searcher, the search strategy or any other information (text, images, video, etc.). 
You are currently reading from the header RTF area.
The third section is the most important section of the report because it contains the findings of the searcher. It starts with the Table of Contents followed by the documents. Each document is displayed in a separate frame with several tabs. The front tab is called the Custom tab and it was customized by the editor of the report to display the most important content (text and figures) from the document. This is the only tab in which the content is not restricted to be faithful to the original document because it was edited by the report editor (one of our users).
By clicking the other document frame tabs, in case of a patent document, additional information about the patent and its family members will be retrieved.
Try the full text tab. You will discover that formatted text from the custom tab has also the same format at the full text tab. This great feature gives the searcher the ability to indicate for you were in the document are the most relevant passages for you.
The whole document can be viewed and downloaded from the PDF tab
The last section of the report is the footer RTF area and like the header area it is free editing area for the editor of the report. In this example report it contains a short disclaimer.

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Let's get back to the example...

Description of the Invention (unreal, of course):

A wiping aid which fits any existing glasses. This aid will constantly wipe rain drops off the glass allowing for a clear view.
The device includes a wipe for each lens, a powering mechanism (preferably electrical), batteries, and clipping mechanism to grab any existing glasses.
Optionally the speed of wiping can be controlled (similar to the function in a motor vehicle).

Table of Contents
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